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5 Symptoms of Vein Disease | El Paso TX

Determining if you are experiencing symptoms of vein disease can be challenging.  By consulting with your vein specialist in El Paso, TX, patients can not only determine the source of their constant leg pain, also find the best vein treatment … Continue reading

Vein Disease FAQ | El Paso TX

What is vein disease? Vein disease is often caused by venous reflux where weakened valves allow blood to flow in an opposite direction called “reflux” which results in discomfort in the legs.  The discomfort can lead to pain and swelling … Continue reading

3 Things to Know about Varicose Vein Treatment | El Paso TX

Varicose veins can often be the source of pain for many patients in El Paso, TX.  Before varicose vein treatment can begin, it is essential to best understand how your vein specialist may diagnose and treat your discomfort and pain. … Continue reading