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3 Reasons to Choose Vein Treatment in El Paso TX

With advances in vein technology, there are several reasons to choose vein treatment in El Paso, TX.  Our vein specialist is not only skilled in treating vein disorders, but also works with patients to choose the best option for their … Continue reading

Choosing the Best Vein Treatment in El Paso TX

Living with the discomfort and pain of vein disorders can cause patients to feel depressed or self-conscious.  With the latest vein treatment in El Paso, TX, patients no longer have to suffer with itchiness, heaviness, or pain caused by vein … Continue reading

Minimally Invasive Vein Treatment in El Paso TX

With advances in vein treatment technology, there are common minimally invasive vein treatment options for patients in El Paso, TX.  Often minor treatments can go a long way to improving a patient’s self-esteem, health, and everyday life.  It is essential … Continue reading

Vein Disorders Facts | El Paso TX

It is essential to understand the different type of vein disorders and the best treatment for those who experience the challenges and discomforts of damaging vein conditions in El Paso, TX. Dr. Atur Kasha has a lifelong passion to help patients … Continue reading

Advanced Varicose Vein Treatment in El Paso TX

Have you noticed a slight, constant pain in your legs?  Are you having trouble sleeping at night? It is possible that Desert West Vein Center’s advanced varicose vein treatment options could help relieve or even eliminate your daily discomfort. Understanding … Continue reading

Am I a Candidate for Varicose Vein Removal? | El Paso TX

Knowing whether you are a candidate for varicose vein removal can seem daunting.  With minimally invasive treatments determining whether to have varicose veins removed is easier than ever.  At Desert West Vein, we desire to help patients in El Paso … Continue reading

Vein Treatment in El Paso

There are several proven treatments for a venous disease that vein specialists can perform on patients. Finding the most suitable for you will depend on the severity of the symptoms of your condition, your goals and expectations, and your budget. … Continue reading

Is venous insufficiency life threatening?

Venous insufficiency is a condition that prevents the free flow of blood from the legs to the heart. It usually stems from the valves in the veins failing to prevent the backflow of blood in the legs. The condition affects … Continue reading

How do you get rid of varicose veins?

Varicose veins appear as large, ropey, and discolored veins on the surface of your skin. They typically form on your legs due to poor blood flow and subsequent pooling. There are different ways to treat varicose veins, including conservative treatments … Continue reading

What can I do to prevent spider veins?

Spider veins affect both men and women and tend to appear on your legs, ankles, face, neck, and other parts of the body. They appear as tiny, blue, red, or purple web-like network of blood vessels that occasionally cause aching … Continue reading