Why you need a vein specialist doctor?

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It is not always possible to manage the pain, discomfort, and swelling of your varicose veins or spider veins with just home-based treatments. Seeking the help of a vein specialist doctor is the best way to have your condition diagnosed and effectively treated.

Why you need a vein specialist doctor?

Vein specialist doctors are trained to identify and eliminate visible and discreet signs of common disorders such as varicose veins and spider veins using modern, non-invasive treatments. They can also treat serious venous disease symptoms such as heaviness, skin discoloration, pain, open sores and bleeding, helping you restore your normal look and quality of life.

When do you have to see a vein specialist doctor?

If you experience any of the following signs, you probably have the venous disease and should seek medical attention:

  • Blue or purple veins
  • Twisted veins
  • Bulging veins
  • Swelling near the ankles
  • Itching
  • Pain around specific spots in your legs

While most of these signs do not necessarily mean you need immediate medical attention, a vein specialist would help detect any underlying cause, and treat it before it develops further.

Who is at high risk of developing the venous disease?

Even when you don’t spot any signs of varicose veins or spider veins, it is important to stay aware of your risk factors to help you brace yourself. Some of the most common risk factors for the venous disease include:

  • Genetics or family history
  • Gender – Females are more susceptible to venous disease
  • Tendencies such as obesity
  • Occupation – People who routinely stand or sit for too long are likelier to develop vein disease
  • Age

See a vein specialist today

Desert Vein Center El Paso offers a vast range of vein treatment options to patients with vein disorders. Call us at 915-313-9569 today to schedule a consultation with one of the best vein specialists in El Paso.

What Kind Of Doctor Specializes In Veins?

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Vein surgeons, interventional radiologists, and phlebologists are the three types of physicians specialized in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of vein diseases such as varicose veins and spider veins.

Interventional Radiologist

Radiologists practice a vein sub-specialty that specializes in the use of modern, minimally invasive remedies such as endovenous laser treatment, radiofrequency ablation, and sclerotherapy in the treatment of vein disease.


A phlebologist is also known as a vein disorder specialist. Phlebologists are similar to radiologists in that both treat venous disease using the same procedures and primarily use ultrasound in diagnosis. They usually have a background in vascular disorders, hematology, and dermatology.

Vein Surgeon

Vein surgeons use surgery to repair or eliminate bad veins. Some of the procedures they use include endoscopic vein surgery, high ligation and stripping and ambulatory phlebectomy.

Vein specialists, unlike general doctors, are trained to use the smallest hints to detect an underlying venous disease or complication. This gives them the ability to diagnose conditions in their early stages, helping you receive treatment in time.

How do you know your doctor is a specialist?

Patients are advised to do some research before choosing a vein specialist to diagnose vein conditions and provide treatment. Ask questions about a prospective doctor’s qualification and experience. Find out if they are board certified and whether they are a member of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine.

They should at least be registered with the American College of Phlebology as a sign they are receiving continuous training on new equipment and treatment methods.

Desert West Vein and Surgery Center, led by Dr. Atur Kasha, is a vein treatment center in El Paso that specializes in the use of minimally invasive treatments to precisely diagnose and treat all forms of vein problems. Call 915-313-9569 to inquire about our services and schedule a consultation with a licensed vein specialist.

7 Varicose Vein Treatments

7 varicose vein treatments

Check 7 varicose veins treatments common to varicose vein disease:

  1. Sclerotherapy
    Sclerotherapy is one of the most surefire treatments for small to medium sized affected veins. It involves an injection of a salt liquid into the affected vein, where a scar is formed closing the vein and causing it to collapse and die.The procedure is painless, though it may need to be done more than once to work.
  2. Foam sclerotherapy of large veins
    During this procedure, a foam suspension is used onto a large vein to irritate its walls, form a scar and cause it to collapse.
  3. Laser surgeries
    Small varicose veins can also be treated by concentrating laser beams on the affected patch on your leg, which causes the vein to gradually fade and disappear.
  4. Surgery
    If the veins are too large, your vein specialist may recommend you have them removed surgically. A local anesthetic is used for the procedure, which may last one to three hours depending on the complexity of your case. If you are being operated on both legs, you may be compelled to spend the night in the hospital.
  5. Ligation and stripping
    In this procedure, the doctor creates two incisions on the skin covering the target vein – one close to the groin and another one at the knee or ankle. The top end of the vein is tied up using a thread. A wire is threaded through the other end of the vein and gently pulled out, taking the entire vein with it.This procedure may be painful thus a local anesthetic is used.Most patients can go home on the same day, though some cases may require follow-up visits afterward. Resumption of normal activities may have to wait three weeks when the incisions have completely closed and the wounds healed.
  6. Radiofrequency ablation
    In this, a catheter is threaded into the affected vein and a radiofrequency energy-emitting probe inserted into the catheter. The walls of the vein heat up causing it to close shut. The procedure best works for large veins.A local anesthetic is usually used during radiofrequency ablation.
  7. Transilluminated powered phlebectomy
    An incision is made under the skin and a special light called endoscopic transilluminator is passed through the incision to help the vein specialist locate the veins that are supposed to be removed. The affected veins are cut and taken out using a sectioning device.

What To Expect During Varicose Veins Treatment?

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Mid section of doctor examining patient knee in clinic

Dr. Atur Kasha of Desert West Vein & Surgery Center uses a comprehensive evaluation formula to ensure that each of his patients is correctly diagnosed and offered the right veins treatment.

Most vascular physicians first screen your legs to locate any problems that may be lying deep beyond view before fetching ultrasound images of the affected veins for a better picture of their size and path. Your doctor will take you through a brief interview himself where you will discuss your vascular health and decide the best treatment for you. You will also get the chance to ask questions about your condition and the recommended treatment option.

We diagnose, evaluate and treat varicose veins, spider veins, and other venous disorders so that you can improve the quality of your life. Dr. Atur Kasha is a top-rated vein doctor offering patients with relief from varicose veins using minimally invasive vein treatment procedures in El Paso.

When you come for your varicose veins treatment at our El Paso officeDr. Kasha and his friendly staff will serve you with compassion and offer a high level of patient care. You’ll undertake a screening and Ultrasound exam to properly assess your varicose vein condition so that an appropriate treatment can be created for you.

We invite you to contact us at 915-313-9569 so we can help you eradicate veins disease and improve the quality of your life. Schedule your appointment today.

4 Things To Look For When Choosing a Vein Specialist

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A vein specialist is a professional who has dedicated their career to diagnosing and treating vein problems. Just like you would choose a pastry chef over an ordinary chef to bake you a cake, a vein specialist would be more reliable than a general doctor when it comes to the treatment of spider veins and varicose veins.

That said, you still have to do a research to find the best vein specialist among the options you have. Here’s what to look for in a vein specialist:

1. Qualification

Level of education and certification should be the first filter when narrowing down your list of options.

Your vein specialist should provide proof that they are certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine to operate. They should also be board-certified in interventional radiology or vascular surgery.

Look into the doctor’s experience and past encounters with patients. Check the qualifications of the team they work with and search them in review sites to see how past and current clients rate their services.

2. Customer Service

Ensuring you’re being treated by a qualified vein specialist is paramount. Finding someone who genuinely cares about your well-being is no less important.

For the best results, your vein specialist should be someone you’re comfortable being around, asking questions and discussing private aspects of your health with.

3. Level of technology

The latest ultrasound machines have been shown to provide unprecedented accuracy in diagnosis of vein problems. Find a vein center with staffers that are capable of using state-of-the-art ultrasound, radiofrequency and laser equipment.

4. Check their website

Before settling for a vein specialist, be sure to skim over their website. A good specialist should have an informative website containing compendious information about their staff and procedures to help you get a rough idea of what to expect.

If you have varicose veins or spider veins or have been referred to a vein specialist by your primary care provider, you may want to try Dr. Atur Kasha in El Paso. Call him and his team today at (818) 986-7399 to schedule an appointment.

How To Deal With Varicose Vein Pain Relief?

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Varicose Vien on leg

Most people want to treat varicose veins not necessarily because it hurts but because it looks bad on their leg. However, for some, the condition comes both as physical discomfort and a cosmetic problem.

Varicose veins that cause pain can greatly slow you at work and be a major disruption to the way you go about your daily activities. What’s more, the symptoms get worse if you’re not treated and may worsen momentarily during menstruation, when standing or sitting and when exposed to heat.

Elevating the affected leg regularly and wearing compression socks are known to alleviate the pain temporarily. Permanent DYI solutions such as losing weight, on the other hand, may not work for severe varicose veins and take too long to work when they do.

Varicose Veins Pain Relief

Here are some of the permanent solutions to aching varicose veins:


  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy – In this mini-surgical procedure, the vein specialist ‘drains’ large bulging veins by making small incisions in the skin along the vein. It’s a short procedure that vein specialists favor for its unmatched cosmetic results.
  • VenaSeal – This is a form of sclerotherapy that uses an adhesive to shut the affected vein. The vein is bound to die as the adhesive cuts its only supply of blood.
  • Sclerotherapy – In this method, a special solution is injected into the vein to make it swell and ultimately collapse. The idea is to force blood to reroute, effectively killing the treated vein.
  • Venefit Targeted Endovenous Radiofrequency Therapy – This involves the use of heat to cause a scar inside the affected vein, causing it to close and forcing blood to use other healthy veins.


Get your varicose veins treated today

If your varicose veins hurt, schedule an appointment with Dr. Atur Kasha, one of the most accomplished vein specialists in El Paso, for an instant and permanent solution to your problem.

Venous Diseases, Which Ones Really Affect Veins ?

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Venous diseases cause a lot of discomfort in the leg preventing you from leading the life you deserve. Learn more about vein disorders and how you can prevent or treat them.

There are two main types of venous diseases that affect the veins namely spider veins and varicose veins.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins disease is a condition that causes a lot of discomfort in the leg preventing you from leading the life you deserve. The swelling, itchiness, and heaviness in the leg can stop you from enjoying most things in life.  Varicose veins often protrude through the skin and are visible in the legs.

Varicose veins are caused by venous insufficiency- a condition in which a faulty valve causes blood to pool in the vein leading to the protrusion. If untreated, varicose veins symptoms can increase and the unsightly appearance to worsen.

People with varicose veins are concerned that the vein will bleed. If the vein begins to bleed, hold continuous pressure for at least 10 minutes and if the bleeding fails to stop, see El Paso vein doctor right away.

Spider veins

Spider veins are smaller dilated or stretched out blood vessels that form a branching pattern on the thigh and lower leg.  Spider veins are progressive and can increase in number and visibility if they remain untreated.

Spider veins cause discomfort as well as embarrassment and self-consciousness. Treating spider veins is important not only because it improves the appearance but it helps to stop the progression of the venous disease.

Contrary to popular belief that treating spider veins is for cosmetic reasons, we now know that leaving spider veins untreated can lead to larger health problems like Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), leg venous ulcers and more. Spider veins are also progressive and can increase in number and visibility if they remain untreated.

Comprehensive Treatment for Venous Disease in El Paso

When you encounter venous diseases like spider veins or varicose veins, you should consider the disease an early stage of a serious vein disorder.  If left untreated, the condition can lead to worsening symptoms and complications to your overall health.

Comprehensive venous disease treatment helps to manage the venous disease by eliminating pain, discomfort and the unsightly appearance on your legs and face. At Desert Vein Center & Surgery, we perform treatments that are minimally-invasive, causes less pain, are highly effective and can be accomplished quickly at the doctor’s office.

If you think you have venous disease, do not hesitate. Talk to El Paso top rated vascular doctor, Dr. Atur Kasha who will examine your legs and provide you with a comprehensive treatment.

Schedule your appointment today.

Is Vein Treatment Worth It?

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Unsightly veins on your legs can cause an embarrassment and even cause discomfort hence the need for seeking treatment.

If you encounter venous diseases like varicose veins or spider veins, you must have lots questions. Here, we address the question, is vein treatment worth it?

Vein treatment is well worth the money and the effort. Varicose veins, when left untreated, can rupture and cause complications like open sores and be swelling of the skin. When you experience symptom such as swelling in the ankles and legs, discomfort when sleeping, walking or exercising, you should talk to your doctor about varicose veins diagnosis and treatment.

Veins can be treated using various techniques such as:

Compression Stockings

Wearing compression socks can help relieve symptoms of venous disorders like varicose veins or spider veins. Stockings work by applying pressure on your legs, helping to increase blood circulation, and reduce discomfort or swelling.

Natural Treatment

Natural remedies such as taking regular exercises, eating a healthy diet, and maintaining a healthy body weight are effective because they pose little to no risk and are far less expensive than in-office varicose veins treatment procedures.

Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT)

EVLT is a minimally invasive procedure that offers patients a more convenient and quick way to eradicate varicose veins. It uses laser energy to close malfunctioning veins so as to improve blood flow as well causing faulty veins to be absorbed by the body.


Sclerotherapy treatment works best for medium-sized blood vessels.  A sclerosing solution is injected into the vein using a microneedle to cause the veins to shrink, blanch (turn white) and the gradually disappear.

Best Quality Vein Treatment in El Paso

At Desert West Vein Center El Paso, we diagnose and effectively treat all types of unsightly veins disorders, using cutting-edge tools and technology available today.  Our primary goal is to help you get rid of unsightly veins so that you can return to your optimal health quickly.

The initial step of treating your unsightly veins involves scheduling a specific appointment with best El Paso vein specialist, Dr. Atur Kasha for a detailed examination. After diagnosis, Dr. Kasha will discuss treatment options with you to determine the best treatment for your condition.

Treatment for unsightly veins is performed in our state-of-the-art medical facility at El Paso and you do not need to be subjected to a general anesthetic. You’ll be surprised to see how fast and efficient the treatment is at removing those unsightly veins.

After unsightly veins treatment is completed, Dr. Kasha may recommend regular use of compression stockings to maximize healing success.

If you are struggling with unsightly veins or restless legs please don’t hesitate to contact us for high-level diagnosis and treatment. Schedule your appointment today.


Is it Dangerous to Remove Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are removed not because they dangerous but because they are unsightly and unpleasant. Learn more about our varicose veins treatment in El Paso.

remove varicose veins

Generally, varicose veins are not dangerous but leaving then untreated can cause serious medical conditions. Symptoms of varicose veins include swelling of the skin, itchiness, fatigue, pain, and discomfort in the legs. These symptoms are more likely to worsen if you don’t see a medical specialist on time.

If you are suffering from varicose veins, it is important to learn the importance of treating varicose veins so that you don’t leave it untreated.

Is it dangerous to remove varicose veins?

No. Removing varicose veins through effective treatment options help to relieve the symptoms. Leaving the condition untreated is dangerous. The symptoms will not only worsen but serious complications like ulcers and DVT can occur.

Varicose veins if left untreated can result in:

Venous leg cancer – the veins rupture to reveal the flesh underneath. Over time, venous leg ulcers tend to get larger, causing more discomfort and irritation in the legs.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) – DVT is a serious condition that results in a pulling sensation, stemming from a blood clot in the veins. If the blood clot travels up the body, the condition could be life-threatening.

Hyperpigmentation – this is a condition that occurs when excess blood begins to leak in the legs due to varicose vein being left untreated. You’re likely to experience painful swelling, inflammation, and discoloration of the skin.

Superficial thrombophlebitis – this is a condition that results in inflammation of veins just beneath the surface of the skin. Patients with this condition normally experience tenderness of the vein, swelling of legs and redness of skin.

Lipodermatosclerosis – If the inflammation of the legs continues for a long time, the tissues become stiff and the legs become hardened. This condition is referred to as lipodermatosclerosis. It causes discomfort in the legs, making it difficult to move or relax.

Although not all varicose veins require removal or treatment, you should see a vein specialist and have them removed. Dr. Atur Kasha recommends that you see a licensed vascular doctor when you experience varicose veins symptoms. An ultrasound can locate venous disorders, allowing the doctor to address the problem more effectively.

Remove Varicose Veins at Desert West Vein Center El Paso

At Desert West Vein Center El Paso, we diagnose, evaluate and treat varicose veins and other venous disorders so that you can improve the quality of your life. Contact us today for consultation and let us help you get rid of varicose veins.

Can Varicose Veins Cause Discomfort?

varicose veins discomfort

Most of the time, varicose veins won’t show symptoms and is usually more of a cosmetic than a health issue. However, varicose veins can rupture and cause complications, so it may be time to seek treatment from Desert West Vein Center doctor.

Even if you don’t experience painful symptoms, you may still want to talk to the doctor if the unsightly veins are affecting the quality of your life. Muscle aches and restless leg syndrome can make it hard to get a comfortable sleep, work and walk normally. You may also experience itching, heaviness, leg cramps, fatigue, pain, open sores and venous ulcers due to varicose veins.

Many simple procedures including natural treatment remedies are available today for treating varicose veins.

If varicose veins are making it difficult for you to enjoy your life, we can help.  At Desert West Vein Center, we offer the most advanced and minimally invasive varicose vein treatment by utilizing the latest technology to maximize your comfort and treatment success.

World-Class Care for Varicose Veins

As part of our effort to giving you the peace of mind you need, we provide you with:

Personalized care Dr. Atur Kasha and his friendly staff offer patient-focused varicose vein treatment in El Paso by ensuring that you receive the best treatment that fits your life and budget.

Vascular expertise – Dr. Atur Kasha is a well-trained varicose vein doctor with specialties in vein-related problems. His experience and skills means you can expect best possible results.

Home care treatment – Varicose vein specialist, Dr. Atur Kasha may recommend lifestyle changes to help you get rid of varicose veins completely. These lifestyle changes include elevating your legs, wearing compression stockings and not standing or sitting for a long period of time without a break.

If you have varicose veins, do not despair. Our varicose vein specialist can help your get relief from varicose vein discomfort. Please feel free to contact us and schedule your consultation.