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spider vein doctor

Spider veins are more than a condition that affects your appearance.  Without treatment, spider veins can interfere with your daily activities and potentially cause you to miss out on opportunities you enjoy.  By visiting your spider vein doctor, you can easily gain a better understanding of your condition and which treatment option is best for you.

How a Spider Vein Doctor Can Help

During your consultation, the vein specialist will examine your leg for signs of spider veins.  Depending on your condition the doctor will recommend possible minimally invasive treatment options to eliminate the spider veins.  Common treatment options include:

  • Sclerotherapy Treatment: This method is best for medium-sized blood vessels. In this process, a sclerosing solution is injected into the vein using a microneedle to cause the veins to shrink, blanch (turn white) and gradually disappear.
  • Laser Treatment Procedure: During this procedure, a handpiece is passed over your skin and the laser light is absorbed by the blood so that the vessels can thicken and be absorbed by the body. It is a minimally invasive procedure that works best in removing small to medium-sized spider veins. In order to protect your retina and cornea from laser light, your eyes will be covered.

Both minimally invasive methods give you the opportunity to return to a pain-free life.  During either treatment, you will experience minor discomfort and expect to return to your regular activities following treatment.  Your vein doctor will give you instructions for protecting your skin and legs after vein removal.

Schedule Your Spider Vein Removal Consultation Today!

If spider veins are interfering with your normal activities, contact your vein specialist in El Paso TX to schedule a consultation today.


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