Desert West Vein & Surgery Center

Desert West Vein & Surgery Center provides high quality, state-of-the-art, individualized, and cost-effective care that is performed in a comfortable and patient-focused environment. Safety is the number one focus at Desert West Vein & Surgery Center, where we strive to treat each patient with compassion, empathy and respect.

Our practice is dedicated to exceeding expectations by following these 5 points:

  1. Integrity
  2. Quality
  3. Treat patients as people
  4. Treat patients with compassion
  5. Friendly, welcoming, and light-hearted environment.

Desert West Vein & Surgery's Staff

Desert West Vein & Surgery is led by Dr. Atur A. Kasha, D.O., a board certified surgeon by the American Osteopathic Board of Surgeons as well as certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support by the American Heart Association.

Dr. Kasha is assisted by a dedicated medical team that has a great deal of knowledge and experience. This entire staff works together to provide excellent individualized care. Patients can be confident that they are being cared for by an experienced and caring team that operates with compassion and integrity. Patients are treated as people, not numbers.

Experience and Approach to Care at Desert West Vein & Surgery Center

Dr. Kasha has been practicing medicine in El Paso since 2005. He and the entire staff strive to provide the best care possible for each patient. Communication is an important part of any medical procedure, and his staff members understand that and pride themselves on being able to communicate with patients and answer any questions a patient may have regarding a treatment.

The facility at Desert West Vein & Surgery Center is state of the art and operated by an experienced general surgeon, an experienced sonographer, and the rest of the team. The staff is dedicated to making vein treatment as stress free as possible. The staff is focused on the needs of each patient, and they strive to not rush patients out the door, but to ensure each patient receives the medical care they need.