Varicose Veins Surgery In El Paso

The surgical removal of varicose veins is usually done for cosmetic reasons, though it also helps to relieve associated symptoms, such as pain, heaviness in your legs, and fatigue, and reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation, ulceration, and other kinds of skin changes.

At Desert West Vein Center in El Paso, Dr. Atur Kasha may recommend conservative treatments like lifestyle changes and compression stockings to deal with the problem. But if the symptoms persist or get worse, then the surgical removal of the affected veins may be the only solution.

Surgery is aimed at reducing pressure on the affected veins in your leg by tying, dividing, and removing the problematic veins. Varicose veins removal does not interfere with blood flow because the blood is automatically re-routed to other healthier veins, particularly the deeper ones.

There are two key procedures for surgical vein removal in El Paso:

1. Ambulatory Phlebectomy

This is a fairly simple surgical procedure for removing varicose veins near the skin surface. Dr. Atur Kasha will start by numbing the area before making small incisions to remove the veins. You will be awake during the procedure, and can go home after a little rest.

2. Vein stripping and ligation

This procedure is typically used for serious varicose veins problems. Unlike phlebectomy, this procedure is performed under general anesthesia, meaning that you'll be asleep. After sedation, Dr. Atur Kasha will make incisions on your skin, tie off the affected veins, and then remove them. It's unlikely that the saphenous vein will be removed as you may need it in future for a heart bypass surgery.


Some side effects, like redness, swelling, bruising, and pain are fairly common after the procedure, but they should disappear in a few days with medication. Your leg will be wrapped in elastic bandages for a given period, plus you will be required to wear compression stockings to facilitate blood flow.

When you get home, please follow the directions of Dr. Atur Kasha for proper and speedy recovery. This includes exercising, even when sore, to prevent blood clots.